10 ways to get your endorphins going.

Here are ten ways to get endorphins going.

One is to play with a puppy, this can be fun for both you and puppy.

Second is to meditate to keep you calm and release stress

Third is to get off your feet, you can jump and skip to stretch muscles and get endorphins going.

Fourth is talk about things with a friend, it is good to vent to a friend about what is bothering you/

Fifth is try acupuncture, the quiet will help you to relax and the needles get endorphins going.

Sixth is to stand up taller, it will help with your self-esteem as well.

Seventh I to go to a concert, the music sure will get those endorphins going.

Eight is to go skating or skateboarding, it will make you feel good riding and having fun.

Ninth is to exercise  bring a friend to work out with and get those endorphins going.

Tenth is do something nice for someone,  it will create joy and make you feel great.

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