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Welcome to CurlyUnique. My name is Novia and I am a mother and wife, and I love my natural hair. I hope to encourage all women to love their natural hair especially litte girls. I hope to show that having curly and kinky hair is a blessing and that God made no mistake. I hope to give information about family and children and new ideas. I hope to help young girls to be what God created them to be, by encouraging them.  I can be contacted by email unique@curlyunique.com. Thank you for visiting and God bless.


Disclaimer: this blog is for entertainment purposes and I am not providing medical, or other professional advise. I will not sell contact information to anyone.I am not responsible for any private practices of any of your advertisers or bloggers commentors. I reserve the right to change focus on the blog, sell it our change the term of use at my own discretion. I am not responsible for tha actions of advertisers or sponsors. I will claim ownership of any letter or emails sent to me.

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