Amalfi coast Italy.

Italy is a beautiful place, and it’s fun to travel and see different places. I enjoy the beaches and the history that is here to see. Many museueums and mountain views and so much more. The first place that I will be sharing is the Amalfi coast, it is very beautiful and it is a must see if you are ever visiting Italy. The roads to see the Amalfi coast is very narrow and curvy and it feels like the bus would go over the edge because that’s how close it was to the edge of the cliff. It is so awesome to see this place and have this experience. God really made this place beautiful, I will be updating my blog to take you guys along with me to all the places that I visit. I hope you will enjoy the pics, and my travels that I will be sharing. .

IMG_1419 IMG_1404 IMG_1411

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