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How to style your baby short hair.

  Some babies are born with a lot of hair. Some are born with hardly any hair. How to style the baby’s hair when it’s so short. first is wash with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Second is to moisturize their hair, using a baby product. Third is to brush or style their hair. Fourth …

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Natural hair dolls.

  Natural hair dolls are very popular right now. I remember growing up they didn’t have any dolls with natural hair. Of course it made me think that only straight hair was beautiful. I am so glad that they have natural hair dolls now. I will be getting my girls some natural hair dolls to …

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Back to school protective styles.

The children will be going back to school now. It is a great time to do your protective styles for back to school. It will help protect their hair as they learn and play at school. Here are ten protective style that you can do for your girls:   The first one is to do …

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Low maipulation is the key to long hair.

Low manipulation can help you to achieve your long hair length goal. When you do low manipulation styles, you leave the styles in for weeks at a time. Some examples of low manipulation hairstyles are braids and twist. This helps your hair to grow longer, because you are not constantly styling and manipulating it. I …

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Caring for your girl’s hair in the summer.

Summer is a great time to do protective styles to girl’s hair. In the summer, they are more active playing and going to summer camps. I think that just doing protective styles, it will help their hair to grow longer. They will get a break from styling their hair every week as well. Doing braids …

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My Book: How to help your girls to love their curls.

The name of my book is : HOW TO HELP YOUR GIRLS TO LOVE THEIR CURLS It is available for purchase on amazon kindle for 99cents, createspace, and ¬†bookstores. You can get here too: how to help your girls love their curls3   My book CURLY PRINCESSES   It is now available for purchase on …

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Taking care of baby’s natural hair.

  Taking care of baby’s natural hair is good to do. This will help them to always have health hair. The baby hair doesn’t need much done to it. Using a gentle baby conditioner should be enough. If you need to shampoo the hair, a gentle baby sulfate free shampoo should be all that’s used. …

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Banding Natural Hair

  Banding natural hair is one way to stretch, the hair without using heat. It is nice to do if you desire a smoother hair when doing a hairstyle. It can help you to keep your hair stretched to avoid using heat. I like to band my child’s hair before braiding it. I find that …

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Braiding Natural Hair.

Did you know that braiding your natural hair can lead to longer hair? This is because, the braids help to keep the moisture in your hair longer. It helps your hair to stay health and strong too.Many women that braid their hair and keep it in for a month or more, can see a lot …

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Children Hair

I like to use Shea Moisture products for my girl’s hair to keep it moisturized. It is a great product line for curly hair, which I really love. I love that it is all organic and safe for children’s hair. I love to use all their products and love how it smells too.

Styling little girls natural hair

Styling little girls hair can be fun to do. You can put pretty little bow and accessories in it. But the key is making sure the styles are not too tight. Doing them tightly can cause their hair to break off, especially around the edges. It is good to make sure that ponytails aren’t done …

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Showing little girls how to take care of their curls

It is very important that your girls know how to take care of their curls. By showing them and teaching them, what to do they will remember when they are grown. Don’t think that they are too young to understand because they do. When washing their hair, explain to them why you use a certain …

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