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10 ways to get your endorphins going.

Here are ten ways to get endorphins going. One is to play with a puppy, this can be fun for both you and puppy. Second is to meditate to keep you calm and release stress Third is to get off your feet, you can jump and skip to stretch muscles and get endorphins going. Fourth is …

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New Mani-Pedi

There is a new procedure which treats foot issues by using sterilized medical grade equipments and tools to deep clean nails and feet. This procedure is done on completely dry feet and not the nice relaxing soak that you are used to. You can get this treatment done every three to six months. You can …

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Five things to do on your phone

First is to Use you video chat with your special one . Second is to download a free app kindu to do romantic things with your special one. Third is to use ur camera to send photo to your special one Fourth is to use the maps app to find places you would like to …

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