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Venice Italy

  Venice Italy is a great place to visit. I had fun taking a boat ride through the grand canal and seeing all the beautiful scenery there. It is a very romantic place just to relax and enjoy your partners company. I hope to visit again and have the time of my life there.

Paris France

      Paris France is a beautiful place to visit, it has the¬†Eiffel¬†Tower and many other tourist attractions. It also has a fun place that kids love which is Disneyland Paris. It is a romantic city to visit, especially around Valentines Day. I loved my visit there and hope to go back there one …

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Sorrento Italy

Sorrento is a town in Italy, it has a great shopping area. It is right next to the ocean, it has many stores to go shopping and buses for sightseeing the area. I had fun seeing this area with my family and it was a nice place to visit. Sorrento is definitely a place to …

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Amalfi coast Italy.

Italy is a beautiful place, and it’s fun to travel and see different places. I enjoy the beaches and the history that is here to see. Many museueums and mountain views and so much more. The first place that I will be sharing is the Amalfi coast, it is very beautiful and it is a …

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