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Hair straightening Comb

  This comb is used with a flat iron to help untangle your hair while you straighten it with a flat iron. It is easier to hold than a regular comb and it helps to untangle your hair so that it looks sleeker and straighter. It is easy to use and very affordable as well.

Travel love

  I love to travel and the year 2017 was the year I travelled to many different places. It always bring me joy to see different places and discover new food and traditions. I love to try new pastries and gelato as well. I love to visit the famous sites in every country and see what …

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How to get rid of knots in your natural hair.

Detangling natural hair can be hard especially when you get knots and tangles at the ends. Curly hair can get more tangles because the curls wrap around themselves. Sometime you can get rid of them by using a needle or comb and some oil to undo the knots, but other time it just have to …

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How to keep your natural hair healthy.

Natural hair can grow really long if you take care of it. Here are my five tips on how to keep it healthy. The first tip is to keep your hair moisturized. The second is to use natural hair products. The third is don’t forget to deep condition your hair. The fourth is to keep …

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How to go natural for the new year

Going natural for the new year can be very exciting. But first you have to decide if you want to do the big chop or transition little at a time. If you are doing the big chop, you can do it with a trusted friend to help. You can also go to a professional hair …

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Inspirational natural hair video

Sometimes you just need some inspiration to continue on your natural hair journey. Here is a video, I made to inspire you. I hope you enjoy it.  

Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner

The trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner is a conditioner that will rejuvenate your hair. It has all natural ingredients and is great for dry hair. It is sulfate free and will moisturize your hair while relieving it of dry scalp. The ingredients are purified water, tea tree, peppermint, eucalptus oil, nettle oil, thyme oil, …

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Shea Moisture

      I love to use Shea moisture products for my hair and for my daughters too. It leaves their hair soft and manageable. It has all natural ingredients which I love, which I love about it. I love that is made from Shea Butter, which is great for curly kinky hair. I love …

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