Milan is a beautiful place to visit, there are many things see and do there. Here are some things to do while you are visiting Milan Italy.

The first place is Santa Maria Delle Grazie- You can visit this church to see a wonderful masterpiece of the last supper.

The second place is La Vigna Di Leonardo- You can find a great vineyard gifted to Da Vinci by the duke of Milan.


The third place is Bibloteca Ambrosiana– You will find 1,119 pages of notes and drawings at this library.

The fourth place is Navigli- In this museum you will find the plans that Da Vinci sketched for a waterway to connect Milan to Lake Como that never happenedĀ and many more fascinating things.

The fifth is Museo Della Scienza E Della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci– You will find models based on this Italian genius at this science museum.

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