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I love to travel and the year 2017 was the year I travelled to many different places. It always bring me joy to see different places and discover new food and traditions. I love to try new pastries and gelato as well. I love to visit the famous sites in every country and see what it’s all about. Even though sometimes it is challenging with all my kids, I still love it because it brings me joy to see how happy they are seeing something new and different and discovering something new. I hope that 2018 will bring me many more travelling experiences as well. My favorite place that I was able to travel to in 2018 is Cantania Sicily Italy.  This place was awesome my hotel was literally on the beach, I could hear and see the ocean it was such a lovely place to visit, I will encourage you to travel if you ever get the chance to. You will love all the amazing places you will see. Here is to a healthy and prosperous New Year,

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